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Inspired by a Goan chili dish called Balchao, TAYZZ is an Indian hot sauce that incorporates a thoughtful mix of aromatic regional spices.  Whether you're searching for a tangy accent to add a kick to your favorite meal, or a blend of traditional flavors to round-out a homemade dish, your search is over!

What is "hot boss desi sauce"?

  • TAYZZ is a commonly used Hindi adjective that can be used to describe a chili that is fiery hot, a knife that is sharp, or a person who is shrewd and savvy.
  • BOSS is a commonly used word in Mumbai Hindi slang ("Bambaiyya Hindi") as a substitute for "dude" or "dear".
  • DESI is a word that is used to describe people or things of Indian or South Asian origin.

0g Fat

Net weight: 11.5oz

Heat level: "Medium"

Ingredients: Vine ripened tomatoes, brown sugar, vinegar, salt, garlic powder, ginger powder, onion powder, spice blend, red chilis, citric acid

Shipping: $5.95 for up to 3 bottles, $10.95 for up to 9 bottles.  Max 9 bottles per order.